Photo Credit: Charlie Bauer Photography


Stephanie Jasken - Designer & Owner

With an educational background in design from the University of Wisconsin - Madison, years of professional experience in merchandising and marketing, and a true passion for some good old fashioned arts & crafts, Stephanie found the intersection of all of these interests to be in running her own design business. Her philosophy is that good design should be available to everyone and every budget, and she strives to give each of her clients a unique and personalized creative experience.

When not completely immersed in her office-turned-craft-room, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, maintaining an active lifestyle of yoga, group fitness and being outdoors (read: glamping, not camping), trying new restaurants as well as frequenting several recurring faves, and playing pretty much any nerdy board game.

Stephanie lives in Golden Valley, Minnesota with her husband, Keith. So far, their marriage has survived the copious amounts of glitter that have trickled into nearly every room in the house.